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About the Company

Laughing [laf] verb
Making the spontaneous sounds and movements of the face and body that are the instinctive expressions of lively amusement.

Stock [stok] noun
The (paper) goods or merchandise supply kept on the premises of a business or warehouse and available for sale or distribution.

Design [de-zine] noun
The purpose, planning or intention that exists behind an action, fact or material object.

THE BIRTH OF LAUGHINGSTOCK DESIGN: In the year 2000, Shane Bauer started creating custom greeting cards for his family and friends around Christmas. Over the years, Shane noticed that the greetings reappeared each year. They would show up on refridgerators, in scrapbooks, and sometimes were even framed for permanent display. As the greetings were expanded to other holidays, they started floating around workplaces and schools, even appearing at show and tell. In short, they weren't thrown away a month after the holiday like all the other greeting cards.

The reaction from those on the receiving end of the greetings has always been awesome. Everyone enjoys a laugh. As it becomes routine to send Laughingstock Design cards, people look forward to receiving your greetings, and they eagerly anticipate the idea you'll come up with in your next greeting.

“Custom personal greetings truly make giving so much more fun,” says Bauer. “Knowing that others are actually anxious to receive a greeting from you feels great. Seeing and hearing their reaction is even better. I knew we had to offer this service to others so they could get the same reactions from their own friends and relatives. There is no better way to celebrate an occasion than by making someone laugh.”

And so Laughingstock Design was born. It's hard to realize the value of a custom personal or business greeting until you've sent one and received the resulting feedback. So give us a try - let us help you spread some laughter. It's healthy. And it's guaranteed. Founded by Shane and based in Duluth, Minnesota, the company gained an online presence in 2007 with the mission stated below.

OUR MISSION: We want to spread some joy, make people laugh, garner a smile, or at least send a positive message. And we want to offer a quality service to help others do the same. The staff of Laughingstock Design will employ their creative talents to accomplish this through greetings, apparel and other merchandise, special events, and any other ways that it can possibly be attained. And it will be done at the best possible value to our customers, with the best possible customer service we can muster.

THE BIRTH OF HAPPY SPACE POSITIVEWEAR™: Over the past few years, it seems negative T-shirts and apparel found a demand in the marketplace for some reason. Even the big box retailers and otherwise respectable department stores sell shirts that have negative, laziness-focused or just plain stupid messages on them. After seeing shirts for sale at a department store with just the words, "Bite Me" written across the chest, Shane decided to start a line of apparel that broadcast positive messages in an attempt to counter this "negative movement." Happy Space PositiveWear™ was born. If you're going to say something with what you wear, why not say something good? It will have a direct impact on those around you. Your attitude is everything.

Laughingstock Design
Laughingstock Design
Laughingstock Design
Laughingstock Design Laughingstock Design
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