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Business Greetings

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Similar to our personal greetings, we also create custom business greetings that say exactly what you want to say to your customers, clients, friends, supporters and peers - in a way that leaves a much longer lasting impression. They can be used to strengthen relationships with your customers, increase sales, validate your brand, or make an announcement with the right tone, all with a personal touch that will set you apart from your competitors.

Send us your greeting idea and message, along with a large enough photo of anyone or anything you would like to include in the greeting. After we get the photos and information, our creative designers will work their magic and you'll soon have a unique, custom greeting card with the ultimate personal touch that's sure to convey just the right message to your clients. Click on Creative Process for a step-by-step guide and more information on the creation of your card. The cost is based on the number of people or items that will be "masked" for inclusion in the greeting - click on Pricing and Delivery for details.

By “masking” the head from an uncopyrighted photo and using Photoshop to alter, stack or create images, the possibilities and greeting ideas become limitless. The potential benefits of using a custom greeting to impact your business are unlimited. Custom business greetings can be a valuable communication tool for businesses that deal directly with individuals or are personal in nature (e.g. realtors, insurance agents, financial planners, etc.) Come up with your own idea and we'll make it work, or check out the Greetings section of our Design Portfolio and the Laughingstock Design stores for other ideas. We'll be constantly adding new greeting samples to choose from or to help spur your own idea. We're always excited about making people laugh, or helping you achieve the same! Satisfaction is guaranteed.

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