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Creative Process


Our custom greeting pocess is really this simple:
1. Browse our greeting card options in the Design Portfolio. Then let us know what you're thinking at 218-727-1063 or
2. Submit your photos.
3. We'll create a unique greeting based on your design choice, photos and input - then we'll send you a proof.
4. After you have approved and paid, we'll ship your greeting.


Due to the custom and personal nature of Laughingstock Design greetings, we have found that it's easiest to finalize order details through individual consultation. Every Laughingstock Design greeting is unique. They differ from each other in concept and ideas, quantity, cost and specs. Our process for creating your custom greeting is explained in the steps below. It starts with the design choice and a quick phone call or email message, and results in your custom greeting, delivered in as quick as one week (for some single orders). We suggest contacting us at least two weeks before you need your greeting, and 4 weeks for Christmas greetings. Our turnaround time depends on your response time to estimating/proofing. You can never order too far in advance.

STEP 1: Contact us for a consultation

Call 218-461-2288 or email Have this information ready or include it in your email: Number of different people/faces (that we don't currently have on file) appearing in the greeting, description of your design choice from our portfolio, timeline, and quantity/size/scope of project.

We'll come up with an estimate for your greeting during the consultation conversation for single orders and simple greetings. Otherwise, you'll have an estimate for any greeting project no later than the next business day.

STEP 2: Submit your photos

Upon approval of the estimate, we'll need you to email high resolution photos of anyone or anything that will be included in the greeting, along with the message/description.

PHOTO TIPS: Send the largest version of your digital photo file (in color). For print quality, photos should be 300 dpi with a clear, full frontal face shot at least the size of a quarter. We can not use any copyrighted photos. If you're unsure about a photo's copyright, don't send it to us. Acquire a different photo, or a digital camera to take a different photo, for submission. Frizzy or curly hair without a uniform edge around the head often looks unrealistic when "masked." Photos of people with this type of hair often turn out better in our greetings when they're wearing a hat (which will be included in the greeting) or something that gives their head a uniform edge.

STEP 3: Proof

After we have received your photos and instruction, you'll receive a low resolution proof illustrating how your final greeting will look, along with an invoice. You'll have an opportunity to make changes and request another proof.

Upon approval of your proof, your payment is due. We will not print your greetings until your proof is approved and your full payment has been received. We'll take cash, check, Visa, Master Card or Discover. Payments can be sent to: Laughingstock Design, 324 W. Superior Street, Duluth, MN 55802.

STEP 4: Delivery

After your proof has been approved and we have received your payment, we will print and deliver your greetings. Your shipping option will be determined in the consultation/estimate.

The process actually moves quickly if you promptly respond to your estimate and proof. Most projects can be turned around in two weeks, sometimes faster. However, we recommend placing Christmas orders by mid-November to guarantee you have your greetings by mid-December.

Our staff is incredible - they'll be able to answer all your questions. To get started on your custom greeting, contact us for a consultation today at 218-461-2288 or the email address below.

Laughingstock Design
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Laughingstock Design
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