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Knight Answers

Can I sell Happy Space PositiveWear™ in my store?

Absolutely. Our wholesale prices are half what you see in our store or on our order forms before shipping and the minimum order on a single design is 24 shirts.

Can my business have its own Happy Space design with the business logo on it?

You bet. As long as it's a positive message and business endeavor, we'll create a Happy Space PositiveWear™ product for you that will look similar to the others in our line, but with your logo incorporated and the images within the design tailored to your industry. Having a positive shirt for your business will reflect well on your company, you'll get a design that will sell, shirt buyers will get a great souvenir/product, and everyone wins. You'll pay little more than wholesale prices, but we'll own the design that can be applied to other companies (you'll have regional exclusivity), and every shirt will have our Happy Space PositiveWear™ logo on the back. Contact us for more details.

Do you design web sites?

Sure. We do CREATIVE site designs and work with the best programmers around. We say creative because we only take on web projects that need a "designer." If you just need a standard web site with the usual "template" look, we can refer you to a number of companies that will fit your needs a produce a very functional, professional web site for you. We say "best" programmers because the design we show you will be exactly what your site looks like after programming - that's rare. Contact us with your site plan details for cost estimates and samples of our web work. We only take on one web design client/project at a time.

I have a family of four. Why would I spend $61 on one greeting card?

The $14 per person mask charge is one time only. The card itself costs you $5. So the next time you order a Laughingstock Design greeting with any of your family members we have on file, you'll only pay $5 plus tax and shipping. Understanding that, you still won't truly realize the value of our greetings until you send them out. The feedback you'll receive can be overwhelming.

Is your round mascot, Oh!, a superhero?

In fact, Oh! is a superhero. We use him to represent our company because we can (and will) essentially do anything. After a creative idea is born, all the production processes are actually very similar. We have designed everything from stationery and corporate brands to outdoor neon signs and big-time special events.

More answers coming soon enough.

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