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Pricing & Delivery


The costs involved in producing a custom Laughingstock Design greeting include the following:

$15 for each person included in the greeting (one-time "mask" charge for each individual head)

$5 scanning charge for each photo submitted by mail (emailed photos = no charge)

$5 for a 4x8 photo card (one side)

$6 for a folded 5.5x8.5 greeting card (cover and inside spread)

Greeting prices get lower as the quantity increases.

Envelopes are included.

Use our estimate/order form to help you determine the cost of your greeting. It can also be used to place an order.


The production cost of your greeting is affected mostly by the number of people (headshots) that will be included, since it takes the most time to “mask” a head from a photo. There is a one-time cost of $15 for each person or face that will be included in a greeting. Every 4th person is included free. For photos submitted by mail, there is also a $5 scanning and digitizing charge.

*After you’ve submitted a photo of a person and paid to use their headshot in a greeting, you never have to pay that charge again (unless you want to change their photo) and can use it in an unlimited amount of greetings.

In other words, the above charges are only applied once. After that, you only pay for the printing of any greetings that use those headshots. The higher the quantity ordered, the lower the price. Full color greeting cards that are folded to a size of 5.5" x 8.5" are $6.00 each, with the price dropping to as low as $0.99 each (500 quantity). Full color, 4" x 8" photo cards (one side) are $5 each, with the price dropping to as low as $0.85 each (500 quantity).

EXAMPLES: If you would like to create and purchase a folded greeting card for your mother's birthday, it would cost $15 for us to "mask" the photo you submit plus $6.00 for the printing for a total of $21.00 plus shipping (around a dollar for standard, first class U.S. mail).

If you would like to purchase a Mother's Day card from our portfolio three months later using the same photo you already submitted, the cost would be $6.00 plus shipping.

If you would like to purchase 50 fun, family photo cards for the holidays to include yourself, your mother, father, brother and sister - the cost would be $15 for yourself, $15 for your father's photo, and $15 for your brother (we would already have your mom on file and your sister would be free as the 4th person) plus the 50 cards ($100 after bulk discount) for a total of $145.00 before shipping.

To help you estimate the cost of your greetings, we have created this estimate/order form, which can also be used to place an order.

Due to their personal nature and since all Laughingstock Design greetings are unique, the Estimate and Order Form is only intended to give you a good idea of what your greeting will cost. Your "official" estimate will come as a result of your consultation.

We've found the consultation to be the easiest approach to getting your Laughingstock Design greeting started. Our awesome staff will walk you through the process and make it all much simpler than it sounds.

Call us today at 218-461-2288 or email:

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Laughingstock Design
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